Tis The Season

The festive season is upon us and that means its time to celebrate with friends, family and sometimes complete strangers you are forced to make small talk with at the office Christmas party. With so many social events to attend the number one thing making us stressed is, what to wear?! We’ve broken it down into an easy to follow guide so that now all you have to worry about is not drinking too much egg nog and end up making out with Jim from accounting in the broom closet.

Work Christmas Party

This is your time to shine girl! You’ve put up with everyones nonsense all year and now its time for a well deserved celebration on the company dime. Depending on what you do for work you most likely can’t dress the way you want at work and you’re probably not bringing your A-Game everyday when you have to wake up at 7.00am every morning. This is your chance, your chance to show the office how HOT you are on weekends.

Outfit : Look fierce but not trashy, this jumpsuit is fab because its long sleeves keep your top half covered while showing off your pins! If you are worried about the cold pair it with some sheer tights. Add a feature necklace and some ankle boots and voila!

Hair & Make-Up : Keep it classic Swifty style with red lips and winged eyeliner. Style hair in textured waves to add a little edge.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.49.23 AM

Girls Holiday Brunch

You’re all busy slaying your careers, dating and family commitments all year round so take some time this year to get your BFF’s together for a holidays celebration. Brunch or an afternoon lunch is the perfect excuse to get the Mimosa’s flowing and swap Secret Santa gifts. You can keep it casual with these gals, they are the family you chose for a reason so theres no danger of judgement here!

Outfit: Shirt dresses are back this season and for good reason! They flatter every body type and can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with flats, you can wear them to the office with a sleek bun and some sensible heels or dress it up for the weekend with some statement jewellery and sky high boots. Its the perfect outfit for the festive season because the loose fit means you can over indulge on christmas treats, just adjust the draw string after heavy meals!

Hair & Make-Up: Pair a messy side braid with dark plum lips which are all the rage for winter. Statement brows and a generous dose of mascara top it all off beautifully.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 3.00.21 PM

Your Family Christmas 

They’re your family and you love them but lets be real, they are going to judge you. It doesn’t matter how old you get your family are always going to see you as their little girl so do them a favour this festive season and play by the rules. Wear a pretty dress go all girl next door with your hair and makeup, you will feel fab and look adorbs as a bonus!

Outfit: A flowy printed dress will make you feel feminine but is also practical because you can eat as much turkey as you like and nobody will see your food baby underneath! Pair it with some black tights and cute heeled sandals.

Hair & Make-Up: Stay super natural with your make-up, a pink gloss and a little blush goes a long way. If you want some extra oomph a light smokey eye with neutral colours will give you something a little extra. Keep hair down and styled in loose waves, think Rachel Evans “girl next door” look.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 3.20.49 PM

Bae’s Work Christmas Party

If you have a significant other then you know attending their work Christmas party is just as if not more stressful then meeting the in-laws for the first time. You have to impress their boss, mingle with their co-workers, laugh along to all of the inside jokes nobody will explain to you and meet the dreaded “Work Wife”. You need to look fierce but also absolutely stunning so that everyone will be asking, “Who’s the Victoria Secret model over in the corner?”.

Outfit: Once again the key here is to not look trashy while still making a statement. A mid length classic pencil skirt will hug you in all of the right places but because it goes below the knee you won’t look trashy and you won’t be awkwardly shifting in the corner trying to keep it from riding up! Pair this with a backless blouse like the one we found from H & M below to show some skin but keep the cleavage under wraps, add some statement jewellery, heels and voila! babe alert.

Hair & Make-Up: Think long flowy loose curls for the hair, remember you’re a Victoria Secret Angel after all! A smokey eye will make the whole outfit look glam but avoid black eye shadow and stick to bronzy golden tones so that your eyes pop but you don’t look like a raccoon. Keep your lipstick a neutral tone and preferably a long lasting lip stain because in that outfit Bae is going to be planting kisses on you all night.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 2.52.59 PM

Christmas with the In-Laws

The holy grail, probably the most nerve racking meal you will eat all year, don’t spill anything on yourself, don’t drink too much and don’t slip out anything inappropriate in conversation. Its stressful just being there so that last thing you need to add to it  is everyone staring at your outfit or judging your make-up choices. Make them think you haven’t put in too much effort but make sure you don’t look like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Much like with your own family Christmas lunch you want to keep it as “girl next door” as possible. You want to give off the “she could be the future Mother of my grandchildren” to Bae’s parents and you also don’t want creepy Uncle Dave staring at your cleavage from across the room. The outfit we have picked is simple, feminine and chic.

Outfit: Jumpsuit’s made a big comeback in 2015 and for good reason, they are comfy, flattering and can be dressed up or down. Make it a staple in your wardrobe now! Add some colour to your outfit with a printed kimono or cardigan and then co-ordinate with a statement necklace.

Hair & Make-up: Bless the beauty gods for inventing the top knot! Its quick its suits all face shapes and it looks fab! Team your top knot with some winged eyeliner and a peach lip stain. Don’t fret girl you got this!

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.49.43 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.05.25 PM


Theres so many reasons to love Fall  but our favourite reason is Fall fashion! Here are our fall MUST HAVES.

Blog Collage 2

SCARF Forever 21 – $18.90 CARDIGAN Aldo- $48.00

HEAD SCARF Urban Outfitters – $20.00

blog collage 3

BACKPACK Forever 21 – $18.90

HOT WATER BOTTLE COVER Top Shop – $10.00 BEANIE Top Shop – $16.00 CARDIGAN H&M – $29.00

HEADPHONES Ardene – $7.50 HANDBAG Forever 21 – $18.90

TRAINERS Zara – $45.90

blog collage 4

DRESS H&M – $29.99 SWEATER H&M – $29.99

PHONE CASE H&M – $9.99

Blog Collage 1

DRESS Zara – $69.90

PURSE Top Shop – $16.00 KNITTED HEADBAND Aldo – $15

FEDORA Forever 21 – $29.90 TROUSERS Zara – $45.90

BEANIE Urban Outfitters – $34.00 BOOTS Zara $119

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.05.25 PM




Halloween Girl Power!

That time of year has rolled around again, the time for grown adults to get dressed up as whatever they want and go out in public without anyone batting an eyelid! We love Halloween! Who doesn’t?! The only downside is thinking of a new costume year after year. You want to look fierce of course but you don’t want to blow the budget on an outfit that, lets face it; you’re probably never going to wear again.

Sick of dressing up as a sexy cat, a sexy nurse, a sexy maid or a sexy pumpkin? Us too! So here’s our Halloween list of costumes that are quick and easy but most importantly pack a feminine punch!

Best Solo Costume Ideas

Rosie The Riveter

She was the original career woman and nobody pulls of red lipstick like Rosie. She showed us that even though you can be a hands on hard working woman you could still look fierce doing it! Everything about this costume from the headscarf to the stunning 1950’s make-up make it a winning choice this Halloween.

rosie the riveter


Oh Queen Bee what did we every do without you? Everything about Beyoncé screams girl power and as soon as you put that costume on you are not only going to look like the baddest chick in the room you are going to feel like it. Beyoncé is a fashion chameleon who’s had a tonne of iconic looks over the years so have fun with this one!

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 2.44.11 PM

Frida Kahlo

She was the original feminist and nobody is quite as iconic as Frida. She was a game changer way back when with her iconic art and feminist views and paved the way for us all today. Her iconic look makes her a definite favourite for costume choices this Halloween, all you need is some flowers for your hair, a colourful shawl and a DIY uno-brow and your all set.


Hilary Clinton

We have a feeling this one is going to be a favourite this year. Hilary is no doubt the most popular female icon of 2015 and so she should be since she’s going to be the first female President. All you need for this costume is a kickass pant suit, a killer blow out and some extreme hold hairspray.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 2.46.07 PM

Best BFF Costume Ideas

Thelma and Louise

What is better than a totally kick ass costume that makes you look hot but also screams girl power? A totally kick as costume you can coordinate with your bestie! Thelma and Louise were the original #girlsqaud (does two count as a squad?) long before Taylor Swift came along. Not to mention it can be easily thrown together last minute with things you already have at home.


Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

These hilarious ladies have had some iconic moments over the years from their outrageous SNL characters to even just their personal style, it’s an easy costume to pull together. They’ve both written best selling books AND have been key contributors in the rising feminist movement of 2015 so we think this one will be a favourite this year.


Best Girl Squad Costume Ideas

Cast of Girls

We all identify of one of the characters from this iconic show and its always fun to get a group of gals together for a Halloween costume. There is so much to choose from Shoshanna’s donut inspired hair buns, Jessa’s boho chic style, Marnie’s uptight sweater vest combos to Hannah’s quirky playsuits.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 2.34.46 PM

Bad Blood Music Video

The music video that caused a stir this year for all the right reasons! It teamed together kick ass outfits, women of all shapes and sizes and a badass soundtrack. We all wanted to be a part of Taylor Swift’s girl squad after watching it and now that Halloween is finally here we get our chance, black nylon and excessive eye makeup? Umm yes please!


 Have fun this Halloween ladies!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.05.25 PM

We Heart The Met Gala

The years most talked about fashion event The Met Gala was held this week and the theme this year was “China: Through the Looking Glass”. As usual it was a visual spectacle for good and bad reasons, incase you missed what the fuss was about we’ve put together a compilation of the BEST and WORST dressed, enjoy!



blake-lively-met-gala-gucci-dress  Kim-Kardashian-Kanye-West-Met-Gala-2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 1.31.17 PM Met-Gala-08 Kendall-Jenner-Met-Gala-2015-Pictures

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 1.38.55 PM selena-gomez-met-gala-2015 rs_634x1024-150504174737-634.jennifer-lopez-met-gala-2015



chloe-sevigny-met-gala-2015-e1430795770262 Robert-Pattinson-FKA-Twigs-Met-Gala-2015-e1430795625752 Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 1.34.07 PM

 met-gala-2015-jen-law anne-hathaway-met-gala-2015-best-dressed rs_634x1024-150504180930-634.madonna-met-gala-2015
Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 1.35.06 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 1.45.55 PM


Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.05.25 PM


What is Ideal Beauty?

Being a woman in 2015 can be confusing, with more websites, magazines blogs and social media accounts then ever dedicated to beauty trends and celebrity styles its hard to know whats what. As women we can be super hard on ourselves when it comes to our appearance and whether we like to admit it or not we spend a lot of time obsessing about whether we are measuring up. But is it society pushing unrealistic beauty ideals on us or are we doing it to ourselves? We decided to find out by asking women what they believed the opposite sex found more attractive and then we asked Men what they actually preferred. The results may surprise you!


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.37.45 PM

Women – 70% chose the image on the right
Men – 90% chose the image on the right

One surveyor said “there is nothing less attractive then a girl who is obsessed with her weight and dieting”

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.45.57 PM
Women – 60% chose the image on the right
Men – 80% chose the image on the right


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.51.13 PM
Women – 100% chose the image on the right
Men – 80% chose the image on the right


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.43.00 PM

Women – 100% chose the image on the right
Men – 90% chose the image on the right

One Surveyor said “I cant stand the orange look but a subtle natural looking tan just looks


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.52.14 PM
Women – 80% chose the image on the right
Men – 90% chose the image on the right


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.54.00 PM

Women – 50% chose image on the left, 50% chose image on the right
Men – 70% chose the image on the right

One surveyor said “I like both! I think it depends on the persons face shape, theres very few women i know that can pull off bushy brows but sometimes they look really great”


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.56.54 PM
Men – 50% chose image on the left, 50% chose image on the right
Women– 100% of women chose the image on the right

One Surveyor said “stay classy till the idea sets in that your classy, then regardless of what kit is on you’ll carry an heir of class”


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 7.09.33 PM
Men – 90% chose image on the right
Women– 100% of women chose the image on the right

The overall message I got from most people who I surveyed was that regardless of what women look like the number one thing they found attractive was their confidence and overall attitude. So ladies lets stop being so harsh on ourselves and just embrace who we are! As long as you feel good your confidence will shine through and you will always look your best.

 Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.05.25 PM

From Office Chic To Nighttime Sleek

You’ve been at work since 9:00am, it’s a Thursday (the new Friday) and your co-workers ask you to go out with them after a long day at the office. You panic, ‘well I’m in office clothes, I can’t go out looking like this!’
Not to worry ladies, this blog was made for you! Here are 3 easy steps to take you from office chic to nighttime sleek in under 10 minutes!

STEP 1: Facial Focus

An easy way to bring life to any outfit is to add a strong lip & accentuate the eyes! 



Must Haves: Ruby Woo from Mac Cosmetics, it’s the perfect shade of red to make your lips pop! For the eyes we recommend any eyeliner with a pointed tip for a precise line when creating the ‘wing’ affect for the eyes.

STEP 2: Hair Repair

Simplicity at its best: A quick fix to stressed out office hair!

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.37.45 PM

Office Look

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.37.13 PM

Night Look

For added texture or volume, pack a travel sized bottle of texturizing/volumizing spray

STEP 3: Tweak the Chic

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.28.11 PM

A few quick fixes like losing the blazer, adding some heels & adding a statement necklace can take your look from 9am to 7pm without hassle!