Makeup Meltdown


We love Summer but it’s been super hot in the last few days and being packed on a streetcar without Air Conditioning on the morning commute can have disastrous results on our Make-up. We all want to feel our glamorous selves during the heat wave so we have scoured the internet for some tips and tricks to prevent Make-up melting off during hot weather.

Tip #1 – Avoid the Heavy Stuff

Stay away from any heavy oil based foundation, it is more likely to smear during hot weather. Stick to light, shear foundation – like BB cream.

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Tip #2 – Ice Ice Baby

This sounds like an odd one but it works! Rubbing an ice-cube over your face before applying make-up offers a cooling effect. Cooling down the skin helps to close up any open pores – eliminating both blackheads, and the need to cake on too much foundation.

Tip #3 – Staying Power

Using waterproof mascara isn’t just for watery eyes – it’s also perfect during the hotter months! The waterproof stuff helps us avoid panda eyes caused by sweat and sebum build up under the eyes and on the eyelids.

Also using finishing powder over your liquid make-up will ensure it wont budge even under the toughest conditions. Use a mineral based powder to avoid too much build up. Mineral powders are also great for days you don’t want to wear a full face of make-up but want that extra little something…nobody will even know you are wearing it! And even better – it contains SPF 27 to protect your skin while looking great!

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Tip # 4 –  Always be prepared

Correctly preparing your skin before applying make-up is going to improve staying power – while also preventing those blemishes that seem to pop up around this time of year. Use a non-oil based cleanser followed by a toner and primer. Once you’ve done the prep your foundation will go on like a dream and won’t budge!

Tip # 5  – Oil be Gone

Vanquish the greasy face look by using oil-blotting sheets during the day. This genius invention is super handy and compact so you can keep them in your purse, the car and the office. All you have to do is blot the thin paper sheets over any problem areas (mainly the t-zone) and voila! All of the oil is transferred onto the paper and off your skin.

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Tip # 6 – The Perfect Pout

Instead of using a heavy lipstick that is going to dry out your lips or smudge easily at the first sign of upper lip sweat (not glamorous) – opt for a lip stain. Lip stains range from sheer to matte so you can go for a natural look or a bold lip. They also often contain Vitamin-E as a main ingredient – helping your lips look gorgeous and supple.

If all else fails, go make-up free! You look gorgeous the way you are, and summer is best spent enjoying the outdoors rather then hiding inside worrying that our make-up is going to smudge! Just remember – ALWAYS wear sunscreen!

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Sweat is Just Fat Crying


Is there a way to make workouts fun while still being effective? A lot of new workout studios have popped up in Toronto that offer just that! To prove if it was just a FAD or the answer to our prayers we sent one of our WAXON staff off to a few workout classes that had a unique twist to see what all the fuss was about – here’s how it went!


Barre has become increasingly popular over the last year. I’m sure you all know someone who has either tried it once or who is obsessed. So what is barre? Well, in a nutshell barre is a combination of ballet, yoga and pilates. The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on strength training. You focus on holding your body still while contracting a certain set of muscles in high intervals.

Where? Barreworks

My Experience

I walked in to my first barre class feeling pretty intimidated… I’m in no way super fit, but I do really enjoy yoga and I have friends who rave about barre so I have wanted to give it a try for a long time. As a beginner, I probably didn’t have all of the postures down to a tee (I’m sure there were times I wasn’t even close!) but the teacher was really helpful! She gave us variations on postures so that those of us (probably just me) who weren’t as flexible could still get a benefit out of the poses.

It was really hard -definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be! But, I felt great after walking out of the Barreworks studio! tThe next day I could feel every muscle in my body and I moaned and groaned a lot – but that’s a sure sign that it was a good workout. I’m glad I finally gave it a try and with regular classes I can definitely see how it would be a great full body workout, perfect for summer.

Difficulty 5 stars

Single Class – $21
5 Class – $95
10 Class – $170
1 month unlimited – $199


625 Queen Street West, 3rd Floor
Toronto Ontario Canada M5V 2B7

2576 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto Ontario Canada M4P 2J3


I have a friend back home who swears by hooping. I never gave it much thought until I noticed it becoming increasingly popular – and I was getting bored with my usual workouts. It sounded fun, which is the perfect workout for me so I decided to give it a try. For those of you not familiar with hooping, its a fusion of dance and aerobics incorporating a hula hoop. It helps to improve balance while toning and sculpting your whole body.

Where? Sugar Hoops


My Experience

I LOVED it! The staff were all super bubbly and friendly and everyone else in the class was there to have fun while working up a sweat. I probably wasn’t the best at it being my first time but I didn’t feel intimidated at all because I was having so much fun. There was a lot of sweat and I was exhausted after it so it was definitely a good workout! I would recommend bringing a friend or a group of friends for some added laughs.

Difficulty 2 stars


Dovercourt House, 3rd Floor
805 Dovercourt Road (Bloor & Ossington)

Drop-ins $20 – space is limited
4 Week Adult Session – $70 + HST

Indoor Surfing

This workout craze started about two years ago. Many people thought it was a fad but it’s proved to be a great full body workout while keeping things interesting. There are a variety of classes you can choose from, which incorporate dance, yoga, aerobics and weight training all while using an indoor surfboard. The surfboard is attached to hydraulics so it moves from side to side and back to front with your body, pushing you to engage your core and stabilizer muscles.

Where? Surfset


My Experience

I have terrible balance and coordination but as I mentioned I love yoga so I didn’t think it would be too difficult. I was wrong! It’s one thing to have good balance on the ground, but trying to balance on a surfboard that moves with your body while doing poses is pretty difficult. I did have a lot of fun though and if you are prepared to laugh at yourself for the first few times it would be a great workout for your whole body once you’ve mastered it. The instructors were really great and gave you tips and tricks to keep yourself distracted so that you stayed balanced. This is another workout that would be really fun to do with a bunch of friends!

Difficulty 4 stars

2481A Yonge Street (2nd Floor)
Toronto, ON
M4P 2H6

Drop-ins – $20
5 class pass – $95
10 class pass – $180
20 class pass – $330