Crazy for Coconut

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As the colder months approach you have probably noticed that your skin, nails and hair have started to get dry and brittle. This dryness leads to breakage for the hair, peeling for the skin and cracking for the nails, not fun! It’s not as though we don’t have enough to worry about with the chilly Canadian temperatures, worrying about complicated beauty routines is the last thing we want to add to the list.

What if I told you there was one simple fruit that could fix all of these problems? And what if I told you that we have used it as a key ingredient in the majority of our WAXON products? The answer is COCONUT.


Eating raw coconut has many health benefits but the main benefit for winter is that it boosts your immune system, making you less susceptible to cold and flu. Specific fats found in Coconut including caprylic, capric and lauric fatty acids–are antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal, helping to boost your immune system and destroy pathogens.

As well as boosting your immunity there are a ton of vitamins and minerals found in Coconuts. Just one cup of shredded coconut contains 60 percent of your recommended daily intake of manganese, 17 percent for copper, 11 percent for selenium, 11 percent for potassium, 10 percent for iron, 9 percent for phosphorus, 6 percent for magnesium and 5 percent for zinc.

That’s one powerful fruit! Not to mention its delicious, sprinkle shredded coconut onto your muesli, drink fresh coconut water or eat the raw flesh straight from the coconut as a great snack.

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Applying coconut oil to hair helps smooth over the hairs cuticles, which can become damaged because of the cold weather. The coconut seeps into the hair restoring its shimmer and shine and getting rid of those crunchy feeling ends.

We recommend using WAXON BodyShot Skin Quenching Body Oil on towel-dried hair. A pea-sized amount worked through the hair is enough to have it feeling and looking great after styling.

BodyShot has all natural ingredients so its not going to coat your hair in any chemical junk AND a slight hint of Blood Orange and White Grapefruit Oil that is uplifting and has a delicious smell!

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Applying coconut oil to freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin at night will help to soothe extremely dry skin. You can use it on your face and your entire body; it seeps right into the skin and locks in moisture. In the morning you will wake up with soft supple skin and it was all achieved while you were sleeping!

We recommend Exfoliating with WAXON On The Rocks. It straight up exfoliates and cleanses skin in one simple step, using all natural exfoliants, such as sugar and white lava, to smooth skin. The sulfate-free formula is a 2-in-1 exfoliant wash with a coconut oil base to heal, hydrate, and treat anti-inflammatory issues as well as soften and exfoliate your skin. Gentle enough for daily use.

After exfoliating apply BodyShot or raw Coconut all over!

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Your nails are made up of Keratin, which is the protein in your hair so it makes sense that while your hair suffers in the colder months as does your nails. The cuticles in particular take a beating and split cuticles can be super painful.

We recommend applying a dab of BodyShot skin quenching body oil directly to your cuticles and then massaging it in, work up from the cuticle to the nail. This will keep your cuticles soft, which will prevent them from splitting; it will also stop your nails from cracking.

While your giving your nails some TLC, massage your fingers and hands, if you find BodyShot is a little heavy for you use our WAXON Body Cocktail hydrating lotion. It seeps right into the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky film on your skin like a lot of hand lotions on the market do, and of course it contains Coconut oil!

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Theres so many reasons to love Fall  but our favourite reason is Fall fashion! Here are our fall MUST HAVES.

Blog Collage 2

SCARF Forever 21 – $18.90 CARDIGAN Aldo- $48.00

HEAD SCARF Urban Outfitters – $20.00

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BACKPACK Forever 21 – $18.90

HOT WATER BOTTLE COVER Top Shop – $10.00 BEANIE Top Shop – $16.00 CARDIGAN H&M – $29.00

HEADPHONES Ardene – $7.50 HANDBAG Forever 21 – $18.90

TRAINERS Zara – $45.90

blog collage 4

DRESS H&M – $29.99 SWEATER H&M – $29.99

PHONE CASE H&M – $9.99

Blog Collage 1

DRESS Zara – $69.90

PURSE Top Shop – $16.00 KNITTED HEADBAND Aldo – $15

FEDORA Forever 21 – $29.90 TROUSERS Zara – $45.90

BEANIE Urban Outfitters – $34.00 BOOTS Zara $119

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Halloween Girl Power!

That time of year has rolled around again, the time for grown adults to get dressed up as whatever they want and go out in public without anyone batting an eyelid! We love Halloween! Who doesn’t?! The only downside is thinking of a new costume year after year. You want to look fierce of course but you don’t want to blow the budget on an outfit that, lets face it; you’re probably never going to wear again.

Sick of dressing up as a sexy cat, a sexy nurse, a sexy maid or a sexy pumpkin? Us too! So here’s our Halloween list of costumes that are quick and easy but most importantly pack a feminine punch!

Best Solo Costume Ideas

Rosie The Riveter

She was the original career woman and nobody pulls of red lipstick like Rosie. She showed us that even though you can be a hands on hard working woman you could still look fierce doing it! Everything about this costume from the headscarf to the stunning 1950’s make-up make it a winning choice this Halloween.

rosie the riveter


Oh Queen Bee what did we every do without you? Everything about Beyoncé screams girl power and as soon as you put that costume on you are not only going to look like the baddest chick in the room you are going to feel like it. Beyoncé is a fashion chameleon who’s had a tonne of iconic looks over the years so have fun with this one!

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Frida Kahlo

She was the original feminist and nobody is quite as iconic as Frida. She was a game changer way back when with her iconic art and feminist views and paved the way for us all today. Her iconic look makes her a definite favourite for costume choices this Halloween, all you need is some flowers for your hair, a colourful shawl and a DIY uno-brow and your all set.


Hilary Clinton

We have a feeling this one is going to be a favourite this year. Hilary is no doubt the most popular female icon of 2015 and so she should be since she’s going to be the first female President. All you need for this costume is a kickass pant suit, a killer blow out and some extreme hold hairspray.

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Best BFF Costume Ideas

Thelma and Louise

What is better than a totally kick ass costume that makes you look hot but also screams girl power? A totally kick as costume you can coordinate with your bestie! Thelma and Louise were the original #girlsqaud (does two count as a squad?) long before Taylor Swift came along. Not to mention it can be easily thrown together last minute with things you already have at home.


Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

These hilarious ladies have had some iconic moments over the years from their outrageous SNL characters to even just their personal style, it’s an easy costume to pull together. They’ve both written best selling books AND have been key contributors in the rising feminist movement of 2015 so we think this one will be a favourite this year.


Best Girl Squad Costume Ideas

Cast of Girls

We all identify of one of the characters from this iconic show and its always fun to get a group of gals together for a Halloween costume. There is so much to choose from Shoshanna’s donut inspired hair buns, Jessa’s boho chic style, Marnie’s uptight sweater vest combos to Hannah’s quirky playsuits.

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Bad Blood Music Video

The music video that caused a stir this year for all the right reasons! It teamed together kick ass outfits, women of all shapes and sizes and a badass soundtrack. We all wanted to be a part of Taylor Swift’s girl squad after watching it and now that Halloween is finally here we get our chance, black nylon and excessive eye makeup? Umm yes please!


 Have fun this Halloween ladies!

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Strobing is the New Contouring

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month you would know that strobing has taken over the contouring craze. We’ve broken down this popular beauty technique into an easy to follow guide to have you looking fab this fall.

So What is strobing exactly? To put it simply, strobing highlights your facial features where as contouring is all about shading. Celebs like ‘Demi Lavato’ and ‘Chrissy Teigan’ have embraced the new technique to give skin a healthy looking glow and youthful appearance.

Why has it become more popular then contouring? It’s a lot easier to achieve and has increased in popularity over contouring because its more natural looking and works well on all skin types.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.47.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.48.25 PM

Ok so now that we have you convinced that strobing is the way of tomorrow and contouring is so 2015, heres an easy step guide on how you can achieve it at home.

Step 1. Mix a highlighting cream with your liquid foundation, our favourite is ‘M.A.C – Strobe Cream’. You will only need a pea size amount. This will give your skin that beautiful “glow” which is hard to come by in the colder months!

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Step 2. Once you have applied your foundation, take a highlighter and dab small amounts onto your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and cupids bow. We recommended using Benefit High Beam face highlighter.

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Step 3. Set it all with a highlighting powder such as ‘Too Faced – Candlelight Highlighting Powder Duo’ and voila strobing complete!

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Step 4. Apply lashes and lips to complete the look, we recommend a strong fall lip colour like ‘Sephora – Rouge Infusion in Fig Ink’. Exaggerate your lashes by using a volume enhancing mascara like ‘Dior – Diorshow Mascara’ to make your features pop.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.32.49 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.34.23 PM

Sorry contouring, you’re dumped.

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