Date Night – Winter Addition

Back in March we brought you the ultimate date guide for Spring and Summer but now that the colder months are approaching its time to change it up! We’ve come up with some awesome ideas for you and your significant other or a bunch of BFF’s to get up to in Toronto. Try a few or try them all, lets face it, it’s a loooong Winter ahead!

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Get Cosy by the Fire

Nothing says romance like sitting by a bonfire and roasting marshmallows, not to mention smores are basically a Canadian staple food!

Grab a blanket, a guitar and some mulled mine and enjoy a night sitting around a bonfire under the stars. Make it a group date by inviting other couples or ditch your S.O and get all of your BFF’s together for a bonfire gossip sesh.

Ghost stories optional but highly recommended.

Location – Your own backyard.

Price – $10 – $30 depending on how many smores you can eat.

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Go Ice-Skating 

Winter is going to be cold and the snow isn’t going anywhere for at least four months right? So if you have to walk on snow and ice during your daily commute why not embrace it and go ice-skating? Even if you aren’t a seasoned skater you can use the old “I have to hold your hand to so I don’t fall” trick.

If you go during December you’ll be surrounded by the romantic Christmas lights and amazing giant Christmas tree they put up at Nathan Phillips square ever year, who couldn’t love that? Even if you spend most of the time slipping and sliding around like Bambi on ice you’re guaranteed to have a laugh!

Location – Nathan Phillips Square.

Price – Free if you have your own skates. If you don’t know problem, skate rental starts at $10.

Cook up Some Romance

The way to your loves heart is through their stomach right?
Hit up Pinterest for some delicious Christmas recipes that you can do at home. You can cook treats for loved ones or bring them into the office, who doesn’t love a gingerbread Santa?

If you want to get a bit more technical in the kitchen try your hand at a gourmet cooking class. There are a tonne of flexible classes all across Toronto especially during the colder months.

Location– Your own kitchen!

Price– $20 – $100 depending on how much you are cooking.

Vintage Shopping Spree

New season new wardrobe! Kensington Market is your one stop shop for all things Vintage, there’s vintage stores lining the streets with all sorts of goodies like vintage clothing, furniture and nick-nacks. There is also a tonne of delicious cafes and restaurants to grab a bite or stop off at one of the fresh fruit and veg markets and cook up a treat when you get home.

This one is a better date for you and your BFF, you can try on a bunch of vintage fashion at Flashback, dressing room movie montage anyone? Afterwards do some people watching while having a coffee and scone at Jimmy’s coffee, there are always some interesting characters walking around Kensington Market!

Location – Kensington Market – Kensington Avenue, Toronto.

Price – Depending how much shopping you want to do

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Ice Ice Baby

Every winter Toronto puts on Ice Fest in support of the National Heart Month in February. You can check out a showcase of incredible ice sculptures and live ice carving demonstrations, its super romantic wandering around and seeing all of the beautiful sculptures. You can also stuff your face with some delicious treats from all of the local restaurant stalls.

Location– Bloor-Yorkville

Price – FREE. $2 donations are accepted and go to the National Heart & Stroke Foundation.

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Get Hot and Sweaty

If fitness is your jam check out a hot yoga class. What’s great about this is that you’re working out but you’re also getting nice and toasty, Yoga Tree has a tonne of hot yoga classes ranging from beginner to advanced and there’s different styles to suit your mood.

The room is heated to a scrumptious 38 degrees so it’s worth leaving the house for on those freezing winter days! It’s a great activity for a couple or a bunch of friends, you’ll leave feeling energized and revitalized, Namaste!

Location – Yoga Tree Studios – five locations across Toronto check out to find the one closest to you.

Price – $17.50 for a drop in


Drake Sky Yard

No need to stay hauled up inside just because of the sub zero temperatures, any season can be patio season at the Drake Sky Yard. They have a rocking fire place, arguably the best in the city, not to mention the view!

Stargaze while enjoying one of The Drake’s signature cocktails or enjoy a meal with friends and spend some quality time in the open air. Its completely climate controlled so the chilly weather is no issue.

Location – The Drake Hotel 1150 Queen Street West, Toronto.

Price- Cocktails start from $14

Lets be real the best part of winter is snuggling so if all else fails, there’s always Netflix and chill?!

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