Save Your Skin This Winter

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It happens every year. We try to forget it, try to deny it, and try not to cry when there’s no more avoiding it, its Winter. That’s right ladies Fall’s ugly step sister has graced us with her presence early and we couldn’t be more displeased.

Winter is so awful it’s hard to pick just one thing we hate about it but the thing we hate the most is the toll it takes on our skin. Avoiding dry cracked and irritated skin can be near impossible in Canada but we have come up with some quick tips and tricks that will stop your skin suffering this year.

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To get more out of your moisturizer – exfoliate before applying it every time. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and smoothes skin. Dead skin cells create a barrier making it harder for moisturizing products to do their job.

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Use Ointment

Ditch your lip-gloss and start using an ointment for your lips. An ointment will last longer but also sink in deeper. Ointments repair damage created by harsh winds and blisteringly cold temperatures but also protect against any further damage.

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Richer Is Better

The heavier the moisturizer the better! Lotions are great for summer but for winter you need the extra nourishment of a body butter or body oil. Remember to exfoliate before applying for maximum use!

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Water, Water, Water

Dry skin is caused by many factors but dehydration is one that is easy to manage. Drink water until it comes out of your ears! Your skin will thank you for it, not to mention drinking a ton of water helps to flush out toxins that can lead to the dreaded flu this winter.

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Sooth Sniffles

Having a runny nose is hard to avoid in winter and tissues can feel like sandpaper after constant wiping. Use the same ointment you would on your lips for the inside and outside of your nose to combat dry and flaky skin. Remember coconut oil straight from the tub is a great all-natural skin ointment that will cost you pennies.

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Stay Protected

Even though winter feels like the eternal darkness, the sun is actually shining behind those clouds and UV Rays are still hitting your skin. Protect your skin from harm by using sunscreen on exposed skin; most make-up contains small amounts of SPF, which is perfect for winter. SPF also helps lock in moisture by creating a barrier between the harsh elements and your skin so it has multiple purposes!

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Banish Cracks on your Feet

Gently squeeze on one to two drops of NON TOXIC Krazy glue on cracked heals or nails and hold closed for about 30 to 60 seconds. When the glue softens, peel it away and voila! The crack should be healed.

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Beware Of Baths

Avoid really hot baths however tempting they might be! The hot temperature combined with water, breaks down the surface lipids that keeps your skin moisturized. Keep baths to a maximum of twenty minutes to avoid those dried out prune fingers.

If you can’t bare the thought of going without long soaks in the tub add ½ cup of dried rolled oats in a pair of old tights. Oats contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, which soothe dry and flakey skin.

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Fight Flakage

Use your chaptsick on dry flaky eyebrows, elbows and eyelids. Moisturizing and healing lip balms help to soothe the itchiness of dry skin but also prevents extra flakage. As a bonus using chapstick on your brows helps keep them in place and looking on fleek all day!

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