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Happy 2016 lovelies!! If you enjoyed the festive season as much as we did you may have overindulged a little and one of your new years resolutions is probably to get fit or to do a little more exercise. We are right there with you girl!

Whether you’re a hardcore gym bunny who’s into Cross Fit, TRX and Boot Camps or you have a more laidback approach to fitness like Yoga, Pilates and Barre there’s some beauty essentials that everyone should be keeping in their gym bag.

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Simple Face Wipes

Face wipes are great when you don’t have access to a shower or if you are pressed for time. They are a quick and easy way to cleanse all of your make-up off before you start your workout, because panda eyes are inevitable once you get a good sweat going and nobody wants that. Face wipes are also a great refresher post workout when you have to run back to the office straight after your lunch workout.

Our favourite is Simple Face Wipes because they cleanse and refresh your skin without any nasty chemicals or perfumes. Plus they remove even waterproof mascara! 

Suvana Organic Paw Paw Balm

Paw Paw balm has many advantages and we have been singing it’s praises for years, it’s hugely popular in Australia and we are thrilled that it has started to gain popularity in Canada. You can use Paw Paw balm post workout for chapped lips, especially if your workout routine involves being outside in the harsh winter elements. If you get cracked or chaffed palms from weight training Paw Paw ointment is a great way to heal the damaged area.

We love Suvana Paw Paw Balm because it has combined Paw Paw fruit with coconut oil, vanilla bean oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E .It is 100% petrochemical free which means it’s just pure goodness for your skin!

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Twistband Hair Ties

Keeping hair ties handy in your gym bag is a must, whether you are hitting a lunchtime Pilates class or going for a 5 mile jog you don’t want your hair getting in the way.

Our favourite hair ties on the market are by Twistband, they have made a hair tie that is designed not to leave kinks or damage your hair. There’s nothing worse then throwing your hair in a topknot for a quick workout and then having a huge kink in it when you take it out.

We also love them because of their super cute colours and designs so they look great on your wrist when you aren’t wearing them in your hair!

I Love My Muff Wipes

Whether you have no access to a shower or no time to take one, feminine wipes are a nice way to keep you feeling fresh down where it counts. Muff Wipes by I Love My Muff are so convenient because they are individually wrapped so you can toss a few in your gym bag and they won’t dry out or lose their freshness. Because they are specifically designed feminine wipes you know they are safe to use down there.

Muff wipes contain extracts of cucumber, chamomile flower, vitamin E and lavender, which mean they smell heavenly without being over perfumed!

Did we mention they are also vegan and 100% free of parabens, SLS and synthetic fragrances? Even better!

Physicians Formula Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers are great after a workout when you have somewhere to be and your looking a little flushed. Nobody wants to put a full face of makeup on when they’ve just worked their butt off at the gym. Also your pores are likely wide open from working up a sweat so you don’t want to go clogging them with a heavy foundation, that’s only going to lead to breakouts!

Choosing an organic tinted moisturizer is important and that’s why we have chosen Physicians Formula Tinted Moisturizer. 100% of the Ingredients are of Natural Origin. 70% of the Ingredients are Organic. It is hypoallergenic, dermatologist recommended and vegan friendly. Keeping your skin hydrated after working out is super important and this will definitely do the trick.

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Living Proof Dry Shampoo

 If you are working out everyday washing your hair after every workout is not only impractical but can also strip your hair of essential oils that keep it shiny and healthy. Dry shampoo is the perfect solution for fighting greasy limp looking hair post workout without having to wash it.

Living Proof have a fantastic dry shampoo that smells amazing and doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients, it also comes as travel size which makes it perfect for your gym bag! 

NYX Oil Absorbing Sheets

Fight shine and oil build up after a workout with oil absorbing sheets. They are super convenient because they come in tiny compressed packages that can be taken anywhere. You simply blot the sheet on any areas you have access oil like the t-zone and it will absorb it naturally, the fine powder on each sheet will also help fight any further shine throughout the day and slightly decrease the look of redness.

We love NYX Blotting Paper because they have come up with three different types that suit everyone’s skin. There is Matte, Fresh Face, Green Tea and Tea Tree to choose from. There are 100 sheets in each package which means they will last awhile in your gym bag.

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