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oFaXhm1459785992These days eyebrows speak louder than words, this we know! It’s probably safe to assume by now that the having amazing brows is no longer a trend and has become an important beauty staple. Achieving the perfect brows can be overwhelming and we all have questions so we turned to WAXON’S very own Brow Queen Delicia to get the scoop on all things brows.

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What do you think is the most common brow mistake people make when shaping their own brows at home?

I believe the most common brow mistake is, over tweezing. When I finish shaping someone’s brows, I get the client to hold the mirror and I physically show them their brows and hairs that I’ve left behind. The reason for that is, if you are trying to achieve a specific shape, as a brow specialist, I believe every hair has its place. When you are at home there are so many factors that can obstruct achieving perfect brows; such as light, proper tweezers and good judgement.

How long would you recommend growing out brows for if you want a complete re-shape?

Typically I recommend 3-4 weeks of growth from your last brow shaping.


How many visits would you say it takes to achieve the perfect brow shape for most clients?

3-5 visits is the least I would say it takes to achieve the perfect brow. It often depends on the hair type and growth. I also recommend having your brows tidied up every two weeks to hold shape and avoid at home tweezing.

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What benefits do brow tints give to brows?

BROW TINTING IS LIFE!!! I’m always so excited to see what the end result is with a brow shape and tint. Tinting helps achieve the perfect brow in so many ways. It darkens the hair to give the illusion of thicker fuller brows. This is the alternative to brow tattooing. It is a temporary dye lasting 2-4 weeks.

Bushy brows are so in right now, do you think this will be a passing trend?

I am a huge fan of bushy brows but I do believe it will pass. Every brow shape is different and some cannot achieve a bushy brow. I find only a select few come in to achieve a bushy brow. Most do want thicker brows but also want a shaped, super clean and perfectly trimmed brow.

What are your thoughts on brow tattooing, given that brow trends are likely to change?

 I am slight biased to this question as my brows are tattooed. I feel like this is a brow trend that will continue for awhile. I had mine done 4 years ago and the brow tattooing game has changed completely since. Now there is more temporary tattooing such as embroidery and micro-blading; typically lasts 2-4 years before having to re-do them or touch them up. I’m definitely do for a touch up. I would only recommend this to people with little to no brow hairs, for those 90s overtweezers and for women with medical issues that can prevent hair growth. It’s a great way to feel and look great. Keep in mind brow tinting is just as good, less expensive and less permanent for women who have fuller brows wanting to achieve more of a temporary fill.


Threading or waxing, is there a difference in overall appearance of brows between the two?

I’m a fan of both but I do have a preference. I AM PRO HARD WAX!  As a hard wax specialist, I find I get the best precision while waxing. I can get as close as I want without messing with the shape. Threading leaves a super clean finish but I much prefer the quality finish of hard wax.

You’re a brow expert, any HOT TIPS from you?

HOT TIP #1 – Don’t be afraid to wax

A huge misconception of waxing is that it pulls the skin. With hard wax I use a couple drops of grapeseed oil to avoid any tugging or pulling of the skin. Using the grapeseed oil also reduces redness and irritation of waxing.

HOT TIP #2- Stay faithful to your brows

I urge all my clients or people inquiring, to stick with a Waxologist and maybe a back up Waxologist for just incase. Everyone has an outlook of your brows find a Waxologist that fits your vision and stick with them. I guarantee that working together you can achieve your brow goals!


HOT TIP  #3- Brow Brush

Brushing your brows are probably something most don’t do. It’s a great way to de-stress brows and to soften a brow powder. It’s also a great way to keep your perfect brows. Instead of brushing all brows upward try brushing upward just at the inner tip of brow and a side ways motion for the rest of the brow before filling them in.

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HOT TIP #4-Brow powder and Gel

Invest in a good brow powder. Pencils tend to leave your brows looking overly done and dark. With a powder it can leave the brows with a softer natural finish. Eyeshadow is not a brow powder. I recommend Waxon’s brow duo, it contains two shades colour for perfect brows. I outline the full brow with a darker shade and lightly fill from a finger tip length to tail end of brow with a lighter shade in an upward motion. To finish a perfectly sculpted brow add a brow gel to keep all that perfection in one place.

HOT TIP #5- Retire your tweezers

I know maintaining your brows can be a costly thing, but it doesn’t have to be. Luckily we have waxbar’s in the city, offering amazing deals like unlimited waxing for the year. Which means you can come in any day any time to get your brows tweeked and cleaned up. Yes, you can even come in everyday if you wanted (however not recommend) once a week  or two weeks will do the trick. If this option isn’t convenient,  I would recommend investing in a good pair of tweezers that won’t cause breakage. A trick when tweezing yourself is to avoid pulling hair in an outward motion but pulling with the direction of the hair growth. It allows your hair to grow back properly and avoid ingrown’s near the brow line.

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HOT TIP #6- Love your brows

Brows aren’t twins they are sisters. Be happy with them. Accept that they are different. Your waxologist will always try to make them look as similar as they can. Nourish them! Making sure you are properly cleansing, lightly exfoliating and moisturizing your brows to rid build up and ensure growth. Find a shape that is attainable for you and don’t be afraid to show them off.

There you have it, everything you need to know to get your brow game strong! We knew there was a reason we called her the Brow Queen.

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